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Review: Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2

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  • Value for Money
  • Comfort & Support
  • Durability
  • Versatility
4.3/5Overall Score

The Backpack 25 V2 is an improved version of the original and highly popular Backpack 25. Spro have taken into account the valuable feedback provided by their customers and made a wide range of enhancements to the materials and product functionality. The backpack still retains its classic design that allows it to be carried as a backpack or a shoulder bag, depending on your preference. 

In addition, this upgraded backpack comes equipped with 4 x FS tackle boxes that can be easily accessed from the zip pockets located on both sides of the bag. These tackle boxes are perfect for storing your fishing gear and accessories securely, without the fear of losing them. 

Furthermore, both sides of the bag feature an improved rod holder that complements the Spro Xtender Rod series very well. This feature ensures that your fishing rods are securely held in place during transport, reducing the chances of damage or loss. Other rods will also fit onto this backpack securely.

With all of these features combined, the Backpack 25 V2 is an excellent choice for any fishing enthusiast looking for a reliable, durable, and functional backpack.

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Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2 Features

  • The main compartment can be collapsed to provide ample space for tackle, a raincoat, and drinks while allowing access to the compartment below.
  • Quick and easy access to the four included tackle boxes from both sides with the quick access compartments.
  • Secure rod holders with space for two fully set up rods, one on either side.
  • Backpack or shoulder bag – your choice!
  • D-rings are positioned at several points on the bag, allowing for the attachment of accessories such as a net and mat.
  • With the strap organiser, you can keep the straps out of the way when you adjust them.

Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2 Specification

ModelDimensionsTackle Boxes IncludedTackle Box Dimensions
Backpack 25 V240cm x 23cm x 16cm420cm x 14cm x 4cm

How was the Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2 when used for lure fishing?

As a lure angler who uses a backpack, I have struggled to find a product that is both comfortable to wear and visually appealing. I have tried different types of backpacks and shoulder bags, but most of them have either been uncomfortable or lacked sufficient space. Although I don’t carry a lot of tackle with me, I like to have a few setup options at hand.

I found the four boxes that came with this backpack to be perfect for my needs. Although they are not the largest lure boxes available, they are still big enough to hold the essentials for a few different lure setups. I prefer their small size as it allows me to focus on what’s necessary. The quick access panels on both sides are also very convenient as they allow me to access the tackle boxes without having to remove my coat or accessories from the compartment above. I have labelled each box to make it easier to quickly identify the contents.

Image credit: Spro

I really like the compartment above in my backpack. I use it to keep my raincoat and other fishing gear such as scales, a small tripod, and club books in the waterproof pocket. The bottom panel of the top compartment can be removed to access the bottom compartment, which makes it versatile. If you prefer one big open compartment, you can easily remove the panel. Overall, this backpack is one of the most versatile options I have seen.

I have used this rucksack for periods of 2-8 hours and found it to be very comfortable. Although it does come off occasionally within that time, I have yet to experience any back pain while carrying it fully loaded. The supportive padding against the back and the thick shoulder straps add to the comfort level. However, I believe that a chest strap would provide maximum support and could be an improvement to the design.

What could be better on the Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2

It’s worth noting that while the Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2 is a great product, it is missing a chest strap, as do many other backpacks on the market. This is an important feature for those who plan to use the backpack for extended periods or while constantly on the go, especially when the backpack is fully loaded. 

The backpack is adjustable and comfortable, but I think it could benefit from a chest strap. The strap would help to redistribute the weight and provide additional support to the wearer. If the reason for not including a chest strap was to favour the ability to use the backpack as a shoulder bag, I suggest keeping it as a backpack and adding the additional support of a chest strap.

To Conclude…

When it comes to backpacks for lure anglers, there are many options available in the market. Among them, the Spro Freestyle Backpack 25 V2 stands out as one of the best choices. This backpack is designed with various features that are specifically tailored for lure anglers. Additionally, it is comfortable to wear and reasonably priced, usually costing around £60-£70 depending on where you purchase it. Overall, it is a great backpack with excellent value for money and looks great. I’ve personally purchased one and continue to be very happy with it.