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Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Lure

Review: The Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Lure

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4.3/5Overall Score


The Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Lure has gained a reputation for being a highly effective tool for anglers targeting predatory fish. Designed by the European brand Gunki, known for its innovative and high-quality fishing gear, the Boomer Chatterbait stands out with its unique design and performance capabilities. I recently had the opportunity to put this lure to the test in various fishing environments, and here’s an in-depth review based on my experience.

Design and Build Quality

The Gunki Boomer Chatterbait features a robust construction with attention to detail that immediately impresses upon unboxing. Key design elements include:

  • Blade Design: The Boomer comes with a uniquely shaped blade that creates a strong vibration and an enticing flash in the water. This blade design is crucial for attracting predatory fish from a distance.
  • Head Shape: The head is streamlined, allowing it to navigate through vegetation and cover with minimal snagging. The realistic finish and 3D eyes add to its appeal.
  • Skirt and Hook: The silicone skirt is durable and creates an enticing fluttering action. The hook is sharp and strong, ensuring a high hook-up ratio.

The overall build quality is excellent, with materials that feel sturdy and designed to withstand repeated use.

Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Lure
A Gunki Boomer / Pep combo caught perch for Ash Costa


Performance is where the Gunki Boomer Chatterbait truly shines. Here are some key aspects of its performance:

  • Vibration and Flash: The blade generates a significant vibration and flash, even at slow retrieval speeds. This action mimics a distressed baitfish, making it irresistible to predators.
  • Versatility: The Boomer is highly versatile, performing well in various water conditions. Whether you’re fishing in murky or clear water, its strong vibration and flash remain effective.
  • Action: There are a number of ways you can impart action with this lure. A jig-style action will allow you to keep the lure close to the bottom, whilst a faster retrieve with the odd pause here and there will draw out predators that are up for the chase.

During my testing, I found the Boomer to be particularly effective for perch and pike. The lure’s ability to maintain its action at different retrieval speeds makes it suitable for different fishing techniques, whether slow-rolling it along the bottom or retrieving it quickly near the surface.

One of many perch caught targeting them using Chatterbaits


Durability is a critical factor for any fishing lure, and the Boomer Chatterbait does not disappoint. After multiple fishing trips, including encounters with aggressive fish and navigating through heavy cover, the lure showed minimal signs of wear. The blade remained intact and free of rust, and the skirt held up well but over time you’ll notice some strands of the skirt tear or come away – but this is the same for almost all skirted chatterbaits. 


Ease of use is another area where the Boomer excels. It casts well, allowing for long and accurate throws, and its design minimises the chances of snagging. The lure’s weight and balance make it easy to control, whether you’re fishing in open water or around structures. Additionally, the Boomer is effective with various retrieval techniques, making it a versatile addition to any tackle box.

Adding a ‘trailer’ to the lure can add more attraction and action to the Gunki Boomer. Not only will this add to the lure’s overall silhouette but couple the boomer with a paddle-tailed shad-style lure and you have a highly effective duel vibration that pike seem to find irresistible. 


The true test of any lure is its ability to catch fish, and the Gunki Boomer Chatterbait proved to be highly effective. During my testing, it consistently attracted strikes from perch and pike. The combination of vibration, flash, and realistic swimming action proved irresistible to these predators. The lure’s effectiveness in different water conditions and environments makes it a reliable choice for anglers.

Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Lure
A day out fishing Chatterbait’s with Gunki’s Ash Costa and Dave from Predator Tackle

On the Bank Experience

I used to struggle with fishing chatterbaits because I thought the best way to use them was to reel them in quickly to make the blade work. While this method works in the right conditions, it’s not always the most effective way to fish chatterbaits. Last year, I spent a day with Gunki’s Ash Costa, a perch pro, and learned a better technique. 

The key is to treat chatterbaits like you’re jigging a shad off the bottom. By using the right technique, you can create enough action to get the blade working as you draw the lure up. Often, the slam from a perch or pike comes when you let the lure fall. This “less is more” approach has been really effective for me, not just with chatterbaits, but across all of my lure fishing.


The Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Lure is a standout performer. Its robust design, impressive performance, and versatility make it a valuable tool for any lure angler targeting pike or perch. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Boomer offers a reliable and effective option for enhancing your fishing experience.