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Review: Savage Gear 4Play Swim & Jerk Lure

  • Product quality
  • Value for money
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
3.9/5Overall Score

Anglers looking for a versatile swimbait that can attract many predator fish would appreciate this lure. It is based on a 3D Scan of a real herring, and its ABS body is specially designed to swim with a super seductive and provoking action.

Additionally, the semi-soft tail enhances the lure’s movement, making it an irresistible catch for any predator fish.

What I Like About The Savage Gear 4Play Swim & Jerk Lure?

This particular fishing lure is highly versatile and has several attractive features. The lure comes in various colour patterns, making it easy for anglers to choose their preferred colour. It can be used for speed-cranking or for long pauses between bursts of movement without sinking too quickly. 

The versatility of this lure has made it a staple in my pike lure box and I have consistently used it during the ‘predator season’ for the last 6+ years. Both the older versions and newer improved versions of the lure have been used with great success.

What I Dislike About The Savage Gear 4Play Swim & Jerk Lure?

Based on my experience, the pike lure being reviewed is an overall great product. However, there are a few things that should be noted. Firstly, after multiple successful captures, the lure can become scratched. This is a common issue with most hard lures and something i see more as a sign of success!

The major weakness of this lure is the tail section, which can break away. The 4Play lure consists of four sections that give it a realistic swim action. The tail section plays a crucial role in achieving this action and helps to prevent the lure from turning back on itself too much during pauses. Without the tail section, the lure may still be usable, but you may lose some of the control that you once had. Overall, it is a great product that should be handled with care to ensure its longevity.

What Have I Caught on the Lure?

One of the lures that I always carry with me is the Savage Gear 4Play Swim & Jerk. It has been my go-to lure for catching a lot of pike over the years. The best thing about this lure is that it can be worked both quickly and slowly, making it suitable for many different scenarios. Using this lure and adapting the method to the day has seen me bank two pike over 20lb as well as multiple doubles and jacks over the years.

During the autumn season, when the weed has died back a bit, I usually use the swim-and-jerk version of this lure. By using a steady retrieve, it will swim in the top surface layer with ease, and even if you run it through light weed, it will normally continue with a half-decent swim action – enough to entice a bite or two. 

In the depths of winter, when the weather really turns and the temperatures remain colder, I switch to the lipped version of this lure. The reason for this is that there is much less weed, and the pike are more likely to be deeper down. The lip allows me to crank down to the desired depths and work the lure as I would on the surface. By using both of these lures, I have been able to repeatedly catch many pike over the years with great success.

In Conclusion

As the saying goes, the fishing lure you use the most is the one you are most confident in. This is definitely true for me with the Savage Gear 4Play Swim & Jerk. While many of you may already have your own swim bait preferences, I would recommend giving the 4Play a try if you haven’t found one that suits you yet. I have personally bought at least 10 of them over the years for pike fishing, always replacing any that get lost or broken. The reason behind this is simply because the 4Play has become a confidence lure for me.