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Fox rage replicant wobble 7.5cm lure review

Fox Rage Replicant Wobble 7.5cm

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One of the most popular soft lures among pike anglers is the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble, which has been available for almost two decades and has caught numerous impressive predators. Over the years, I have seen more advanced and enhanced versions of this lure hitting the market, with the newest model being the most effective to date.

What is the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble?

Anglers who are looking to catch predators will appreciate the unique design of the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble. This soft plastic lure features a dorsal hook at the top and a treble hook below, which makes it an effective tool for catching fish. The Replicant’s big action is achieved through the shape of the lure, a thin wrist on the tail, and a huge paddle at the end of the lure. This combination gives the Replicant its distinctive wobble and vibration that is sure to attract predatory fish. 

The Fox Rage Replicant Wobble comes in four sizes – 7.5cm, 14cm, 18cm, and 23cm – and 10+ colours, providing anglers with options to fit their specific needs. I’ve found the smallest sizes are great for picking out perch as well as pike, and the larger sizes are great for trolling or dropping from the size of a boat. 

Fox rage replicant wobble 7.5cm
Fox Rage Replicant Wobble 7.5cm

How to Use the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble?

The Fox Rage Replicant is a versatile fishing lure that performs exceptionally well in almost any fishing situation. This lure features a weight inside that connects to the hooks, providing added bulk at the front end, which allows it to sink quickly and reach desired depths in no time. I have used this lure for trolling, casting from the bank and boat, and with various retrieval methods, and have found it to be effective in catching pike and perch.

When using this particular lure, it is recommended to fish in deeper waters starting from a depth of about 6ft or more in order to optimize its effectiveness. Although it can work in shallower waters, it is possible for the treble to get caught on weed or debris which can cause it to become fouled up. During the winter months, I’ve used a jig-style retrieve and fished these lures close to the bottom. While there is a risk of snagging, it is still possible to catch fish using this method.

It’s worth noting that Fox has taken into account the risk of snagging while fishing in shallow waters. To address this issue, they have designed a specialised version of their popular Fox Rage Replicant lure, called the Fox Rage Replicant Shallow. This variant is specifically engineered for fishing in depths of less than 6ft. The lure is weighted differently and features a slightly different hooking arrangement, making it more suitable for working slowly and keeping the bait up in the water for longer periods. As a result, anglers have better opportunities for a bite and can enjoy a more productive fishing experience.

If you plan to use a 7.5cm lure, you can cast it efficiently with a rod rated around 10-30g. However, if you intend to use larger lures, I recommend using a rod with a higher casting weight and thicker braid to ensure safe and effective fishing.

A good perch caught on the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble.

My Experience Using this Lure

I have more experience fishing with both the 7.5cm and 14cm versions of this lure. As I tend to fish from the bank more often than on boats or trolling, I find that the heavier versions (18cm and 23cm) are better suited for trolling. 

I find that using big lures does not necessarily guarantee a big pike, and therefore I choose lure sizes that best fit my fishing needs rather than thinking of them as potential larger food sources for the predator. If you stick with one or two sizes, you can avoid the need for multiple rods with different casting abilities, which can help you save your hard-earned money.

A pike caught on the replicant whilst it was terrorising the silver population in winter

In the following section, I will concentrate my attention on the Replicant Wobble lure measuring 7.5cm, as it has been the most frequently used size, and I can, therefore, provide an impartial evaluation of its capabilities.

I’ve used this lure all through the year and whilst it can snag or foul quite quickly in shallow or weedy venues, if you can find a relatively clear area, the results can be great. I’ve used this lure to catch perch during the spring and summer and found they can’t resist it. The hooking arrangement also means that any fish that does bite tends to stay on giving me confidence in not dropping the fish like some other lures can do. 

A greedy perch snaffed a 7.5cm replicant in deep winter.

When using the lure, you’ll be pleased to know that it sinks quickly and efficiently, so reaching the bottom of the water body is not a challenge. This feature also allows you to take advantage of any clear areas you may find. By slowly jigging the lure, you can ensure that the action is happening near the bottom, giving you the best chance of attracting fish.

In the colder months, my approach to fishing with the Replicant remains largely unchanged, except for the fact that I now can retrieve the lure at a slower pace. This allows me to target predators that may be lurking near structures or on the bottom. I believe that a slow and steady approach is the optimal way to get the most out of this lure.

Final Thoughts?

As you can see in the image below, I have complete trust in the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble. Every single one of them has been personally purchased by me, and I can confidently say that I wouldn’t go fishing without them, especially when targeting pike and perch. I will add that after some use they can begin to tear (like a lot of soft plastic lures) but I wouldn’t let this stop you buying this lure.

Fox rage replicant wobble 7.5cm lure review

I tend to do more perch fishing than pike, which is why I prefer to use the smaller sizes of this particular lure. However, even with the smaller sizes, I have had great success catching pike as well. As with all lures, you can only build confidence if you use them and I’d recommend that you buy at least one pack this winter to find out for yourselves.