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Zandermania 2024

Zandermania 2024

Zandermania is one of the pinnacle events in the UK predator anglers calendar. Held this year on the 8-9th June at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire, lure anglers on both boat and kayak compete for the highest centimetre total made up of their 6 longest Zander.


Since its inception, Zandermania has grown in both size and reputation, becoming a highlight in the lure angling calendar. Originally held on the picturesque Gloucester and Sharpness Shipping Canal in Gloucestershire, this waterway, spanning just over 16 miles boasts some of the finest Zander fishing in the country. 

Zandermania 2024

The 2022 event marked a significant shift as Zandermania moved to Grafham Water. This venue change was a resounding success, with anglers catching an astonishing number of Zander. Fast forward to 2024 and Zandermania has gone from strength to strength. This duel competition (Boat and Kayak) draws in some of the finest lure anglers the UK has to offer, pitting their wits against one another to be crowned Zandermania champions of 2024.

Zandermania 2024 Results

The 2024 Zandermania competition was no less thrilling. Despite facing challenging weather conditions, the spirit of the competitors remained undeterred, and the event concluded with remarkable victories in both the boat and kayak categories.

Boat Champions: Konrad Pukszta and Artur Zietkowski

Zandermania 2024 boat angler finalists

Konrad and Artur claimed the title of boat champions for 2024 with an outstanding display of skill and strategy. Their ability to navigate the waters and secure significant catches, even amid strong winds, demonstrated their expertise and perseverance. Their teamwork and dedication were key to their success, earning them top honours in a highly competitive field.

There were 44 teams in total, below is a table of the top 10 teams, their final position and the length of fish caught.

PositionTeamLongest Zander (cm)Total Length of Zander (cm)
1Konrad Pukszta
Arthur Zietkowski
2Nikolay Horobets
Serhii Vasychyshyn
3Jakub Osiecki
Sylwester Radawiec
4Pawal Swat
Lukasz Noskowicz
5James Dobie
Tom Watts
6Dan Brackley
Andy Page
7Jim Starr
Ryan Dolby
8Matt French
Garry French
9Denis Litjakovs
Gints Garbuzovs
10Dan Sissons
Adam Kirby

Kayak Champion: David Jacobs

Zandermania 2024 kayak angler finalists

David Jacobs emerged as the kayak champion, showcasing exceptional angling prowess. His performance in the kayak category was marked by impressive catches and adept handling of the challenging conditions. David’s victory underscores the high level of skill and determination required to excel in kayak angling, especially under adverse weather.

There were 29 kayakers in total, below is a table of the top 10 kayak anglers, their final position and the length of fish caught.

PositionAnglerLongest Zander (cm)Total Length of Zander (cm)
1David Jacobs79cm453cm
2Richard Archer82cm449cm
3Mark Radcliffe81cm313cm
4Phil Nichols80cm229cm
5David Morris78cm229cm
6Tiberiu Nica76cm217cm
7Jude Evans78cm153cm
8Mike Haywood80cm152cm
9Graham Shaw75cm149cm
10Ian Pickering73cm144cm
Zandermania 2024


The organisers of Zandermania 2024 celebrated and commended all the anglers who participated in the event. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship of the competitors were evident throughout, making it a true celebration of angling. With an eye on future events, the high standards set this year promise even more excitement and competition in the years to come.

Congratulations once again to the 2024 champions: Konrad and Artur in the boat category, and David Jacobs in the kayak category.

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