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Zander Madness 2

Zander Madness, the first night time Zander boat-fishing competition set in the UK, was a huge success. Due to its popularity, a second competition has been scheduled for 13th April 2024.

In a nighttime competition at Rutland Water. The success of the inaugural event has led to its continuation, with the 2024 edition set to limit the number of boats to 40. This ensures that the event can accommodate more participants while still maintaining the safety and efficiency standards that were established from the beginning.

Results from Zander Madness 2023

PosTeamPtsBest of 6Longest FishNo. of FishTotal Length
1Team 23415415758538
2Team 18397397709566
3Team 12397397709574
4Team 1389389817447
5Team 6380380687431
Zander Madness Video Courtesy of Andy Page

The Top Three Zander Hunters were…

In a night session, they managed to reel in an impressive trio, all measuring over 80cm, solidifying our belief that Rutland Water conceals even more of these formidable predators. Are there fish over 90cm lurking there? That’s a mystery we’ll solve next year at the next Zander Madness edition!

  1. 83cm – Andy Page
  2. 82cm – Sylwester Radawiec
  3. 81cm – Richard Archer

How to enter Zander Madness 2 – April 2024

For those interested in competing in next years event you can do so by clicking on this link to enter. Don’t hesitate, to secure your spot and be part of an unforgettable night of adventure, competition, and pure madness!

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