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YPC (YouTube Predator Cup) – United Kingdom 2023

Anglers and fishing enthusiasts in the UK have a reason to cheer as the YPC (YouTube Predator Cup) is all set to make its debut in the United Kingdom. This much-awaited bank-only tournament will see 10 skilled anglers from across the nation battling it out to etch their names in predator fishing history by winning the first season of the competition. 

Excitement is at an all-time high as the inaugural episode is set to release on 29th October. To ensure you don’t miss any action from this thrilling event, make sure to subscribe to the Pike & Perch YouTube channel.

For those who can’t wait or haven’t yet seen the trailer – here it is!

The 10 competing anglers/teams are as follows.

Group A:

Daniel Brackley – Rapala 
Dan Bucknall – LMAB 
Kevin Cox – FOX Rage 
Ryan Dabbs – Predator Tackle 
Adrian Mason – CWC Catch With Care 

Group B: 

Chris Bartle – Fishing Lures 
Ash Costa – GUNKI 
Thom Hunt – Westin Fishing 
Tom Knight – VMC Hooks 
George Lamb – Headbanger Lures

As dedicated fans of predator fishing, we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming event. This exciting competition has already taken place in several European countries and we are thrilled to hear that it will finally be making its debut in the UK. We believe that this event will provide a significant boost to the UK predator fishing scene. With so much anticipation building around this event, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for predator fishing enthusiasts across the UK.

Update: Episodes released so far…

Episode 1: Sees Group A go head-to-head on venues across the UK
Episode 2: The end of the first day for Group A.
Episode 3: We see Group B go head-to-head on venues across the UK.
Episode 4: Group B continue fishing into the afternoon.
Episode 5: Comeback King?
Episode 6: Who will make it to the final?
Pressure building – who can handle the heat?
Another shock on the cards?
One day away from glory!
Crowning of a champion!
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