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Luke Jordan monster zander

Upping Lure Size Sees a Monster Zander for Luke Jordan

Luke Jordan is an experienced angler when it comes to capturing large predators. We recently featured him on our website for his excellent perch captures, and he has once again demonstrated his skill by going out and successfully catching more impressive predators.

This time turning his attention to Zander, Luke managed to land this impressive 17lb 5oz beast!

Luke was fishing in a midlands venue and using small shad-style lures to target Zander. However, despite his best efforts, he wasn’t getting any bites. That’s when he decided to increase the size of the lure to see if it made any difference. 

To his delight, the larger lure seemed to do the trick, and before he knew it, Luke had hooked a massive Zander. The fish put up a good fight, but Luke managed to reel it in and was thrilled with his catch.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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