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The Lure Fishing Podcast

With over 40 episodes spread over two years, you would think we had no more words to say on the subject of lure fishing – the reality is we are just getting started!

If you haven’t discovered us yet, we are the only lure fishing podcast representing UK angling. You can find us on the YouTube channel Fenland Fishing TV.

In The Beginning…

In March 2022, my co-host Charlie Coppolo and I launched a venture that we initially thought would be a one-season wonder.

We wanted to spread awareness about our favourite pastime, which is lure fishing. We searched extensively on YouTube but were unable to find any podcasts based in the UK. We realised there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled, and it also seemed like a fun idea to pursue.

We were able to persuade Dan Bucknall, of the popular YouTube channel DB Fishing, to join us for our second episode. Dan is a wonderful person and he made the long drive from Humber to come and sit with us on my sofa in the sunny yet windy Fenland.

Andy Page & Charlie Coppolo – The Lure Fishing Podcast Creators and Co-host’s

We had a plan to record three to four episodes in a single day to make the long distances between homesteads worthwhile. At first glance, this seemed like a reasonable idea. However, in reality, it is quite exhausting. In addition to ensuring that we brought several tops and hats to wear, one for each episode, the final two recordings of each filming session were mentally draining.

While it was fun and spontaneous to talk about the chosen topics for the first couple of recordings, trying to be witty and excited about the content after a whole day became very challenging for us. Our brains were overwhelmed and it was difficult to keep up the enthusiasm.

Andy Page – The Lure Fishing Podcast Creator and Co-host

Changes were Required!

In Season Two, we had to make some changes. We began by using the fishing lodge at Hanningfield Reservoir, where Charlie works as a ranger. I felt guilty about him travelling to my home in Fenland for most of Season One, so I attempted to return the gesture by driving down to Colchester.

We attempted to record two episodes in one day, but experienced burnout. Despite involving guests, logistics remained tricky.

In the past, our guests would visit either my home or Hanningfield. During Season One, they would visit me, and during Season Two, they would visit the ressie. Although it may seem simple, Charlie and I would always try to record an episode or two before the guest arrived.

However, the guest would always be early, or in reality, Charlie and I would run late, leaving the poor guest waiting around for us to finish. Or if we were really slow we would still be on the first episode of the day. We struggled with syncing but persevered to produce well-received content.

Where We’re Heading

This marks the next step of our journey. We quickly realised that our viewership would be limited, and our main aim was to produce engaging and enjoyable content that at least one other lure angler would find interesting.

Based on the comments we receive, it seems we have successfully built a small but emotionally invested community. Our content is tailored only to the UK audience, which means we are catering to a niche group of lure enthusiasts.

However, this approach to creating content is refreshing, as some creators are only focused on increasing their viewership. In my opinion, YouTube is an excellent platform to find solutions to problems and come across informative and entertaining content from a personality you enjoy listening to.

Tom Moir – of FFS Lures & The Lure Fishing Podcast Co-host

Our ethos has always been to inform and entertain at least one viewer per episode. If we can achieve this, we believe that our time and energy have been well-spent.

Episode 10 of Season Two of The Lure Fishing Podcast marked a turning point for us. For the first time, we recorded remotely. Though we had discussed this beforehand, our work and fishing schedules had previously prevented us from doing so. However, the remote recording turned out to be a successful logistical solution.

We were uncertain about how our viewers would react to the new format, as the chemistry between two friends sitting together and chatting about their shared passion is inevitably lost to some degree when recording remotely. Nonetheless, we had no choice but to adopt this method of recording for the next few episodes, due to our tight schedules. As time went on, Charlie became unavailable for recording, and I needed to find a new co-host.

Tom Moir, the creator of FFS Lures, lives just a mile away from me. I knew he was always busy with orders, but to my surprise, he agreed to be my co-host for the next episode.

A Podcast For Lure Anglers, By Lure Anglers

I had been playing around with another podcast I produce that is match-angling-based. I desperately wanted to freshen this up and my co-host Alex Bates (Tackle & Bates) arranged for four match anglers who are based around the country to record a short section of match results from their area, weekly. I then simply dropped these pieces into the main podcast. It worked seamlessly.

Tales from the Tackle Shop Podcast – Produced by myself at Fenland Fishing TV

I came up with an idea to improve the Lure Fishing Podcast. I suggested that we should allow more contributors to participate in the podcast. I felt that the podcast should not be limited to only Andy and Charlie, but rather be a podcast for and by lure anglers.

After discussing this with Charlie, he immediately agreed with my suggestion. I also spoke to Tom Moir, who also supported the idea. Charlie recommended that we reach out to Bradley Hunt, who we did not know, to see if he was interested in contributing to the podcast.

Bradley replied positively, which made things more interesting. We started implementing this idea in Episode 19 of the podcast. Tom co-hosted with me, and Bradley contributed a piece on topwaters. It was great to have more anglers contributing, and I believe it will make the podcast even better.

One of the more recent episodes we’ve created.

We are currently experimenting with different formats for our show. One of these formats involves me serving as the anchor, including segments from the team, as well as sections featuring guests. Although it may feel strange to sit alone and talk to the camera, this approach allows us to include more content in each episode.

We will be filming up to episode 27 this season, after which we will take a break. To be honest, I need some rest. Continuously producing these podcasts is a big commitment, and I worry that we may run out of energy and bore our community.

Season Three will be very interesting as we continue with the template of a magazine approach, with contributions from the team. The team will expand, and I, Tom and Charlie will continue to present. The latter two will also produce content, and Bradley will continue with his lure and tech reviews.

Bradley Hunt – The Lure Fishing Podcast Co-host

I believe that Dave Morris has agreed to announce the KAOTY results as they happen, and I am also in the process of finding someone else to be our electronic technology expert. There may be additional positions available for other anglers, but I need to clear my mind from Season Two before I can make any further decisions.

To Conclude

I hope that after reading this short piece, you have gained a better understanding of the fun involved in producing these episodes, as well as the logistical challenges that arise from travelling and time commitments.

Above all, it has been a great experience creating these shows and meeting new guests. If you haven’t already, please listen to our episodes. While we may not break any YouTube viewing records, our goal is to positively impact the lure fishing community in the UK, which makes it all worth it.

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Andy Page
Andy Page

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