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The Angling Trust British Pike Championships 2023

The past weekend marked the highly anticipated Angling Trust British Pike Championships held by the Angling Trust, which took place in the serene Fens on the picturesque Whittlesey Angling Association waters. The event was met with a challenging start as heavy rainfall persisted in the days leading up to the competition. 

Photo credit: Angling Trust Competitions

Moreover, the actual day of the event was met with cloudless and sunny skies, which made the bites quite elusive and challenging to come by. Despite the challenging conditions, the event showcased some of the country’s top anglers, who demonstrated their skills and expertise in catching the elusive pike.

Despite unfavourable weather conditions, the highly-anticipated event was determined to proceed as scheduled. Despite the odds, a few skilled anglers were able to find success during the competition. The ultimate victory went to Carl Shingler, an experienced predator angler from Leicester who had been striving to claim the British Pike Championship for over three decades. His perseverance and dedication paid off as he was finally able to achieve his long-awaited goal.

Photo credit: Angling Trust Competitions

Carl caught two fish during the match, one at the beginning and one towards the end. The first fish weighed 7lb 4oz and was caught on Glassmoor just 10 minutes after the start of the match. Carl had to wait for the second fish, which was of a similar size and was caught with just an hour left to go in the match. This pair of Pike was enough to give Carl the lead with a total weight of 14lb 6oz and secure first place, winning a grand total of £1,000.

Local angler Liam Wade came in second place with a total weight of 13lb 8oz, which earned him a prize of £750. He was fishing just four swims away from Carl.

Chris Charlton secured the third position by catching a total weight of 11lb 2oz, earning him a prize of £500.

The Angling Trust British Pike Championships 2023 Results

Please find a comprehensive breakdown of the results in the table below, including the results for junior participants and female anglers.

Photo credit: Angling Trust Competitions

Men’s Results

1Carl Shingler14lb 6oz
2Liam Wade13lb 8oz
3Chris Charlton11lb 2oz
Photo credit: Angling Trust Competitions

Women’s Results

1 (Jointly held)Rita ClarkeN/A
1 (Jointly held)Michelle MarshallN/A
Photo credit: Angling Trust Competitions

Junior Winner

1Stanley Lees3lb 1oz

To Conclude…

Well done to all involved in making these events happen and also a massive congratulations to those who entered. It would certainly seem from the results that this year was particularly tough. It looks like the qualifiers for next year’s event are already available so check out anglingtrust.net to find your local event. 

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