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Targeting Chub using Lures – Impressive Multiple Catches!

Drew Sullivan has recently been enjoying his fishing sessions on a local river where he has been targeting Chub using lures.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, Drew has managed to locate the chub by focusing on the slack creases. 

His fishing technique involves concentrating on the crease of the slack, as he believes that the fish will either be held just inside the flow or just outside of the flow. He also uses this technique to determine the direction of the fish’s movement after a bite. He mentioned this has served him well in catching some nice pike and perch on lures too!

In his own words, Drew said, “If I get a bite and it pulls straight into the flow my thinking is that the fish was in the slack and hit the lure and headed out, and vice versa.”

With his recent fishing trips, Drew has been able to catch a good stamp of fish, including a couple of notable chub measuring 48cm and 50cm. He had used a Z-man MinnowZ 3 inch in purple demon as his bait, and both fish hit the lure hard. Following a battle for cover, flow, and trying to avoid the opposite bank, Drew was able to land the chub successfully.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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