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Ryan dolby 4lb+ perch

Some Great Perch on Lures with the Biggest Going to 49.5cm!

The experience of fishing can be unpredictable, but sometimes a few casts in the right spot can make all the difference. During our recent fishing trip, my team mate Jim Starr and I discovered a group of fish located mid-water at a depth of 30ft, and they were incredibly active. 

Jim made a skilful cast with a small jig and within seconds, he caught a mid-sized perch measuring around 30cm. We were thrilled by the result and decided to continue trying to catch more fish of similar size just for the fun of it.

Ryan dolby 4lb+ perch

The shoal was positioned at a depth of around 10-15 feet, and I decided to use a Gunki Gigan to cast straight through it. On the first cast, I managed to bump off a fish, but the second cast proved to be more successful as I felt a solid tug on the line. When I reeled in the catch, I was thrilled to see that the fish was of good size. However, the sight of the three larger fish swimming behind it got me even more excited.

As I laid the fish on the measuring mat, it measured 46cm a lovely chunk of a catch. Meanwhile, Jim had picked up my rod and cast the same lure towards the shoal once more, hoping to get lucky again. His quick thinking paid off as he pulled up another perch, this time measuring over 40cm in length. The commotion from our previous catch had stirred up the water and pushed the fish down the water column towards to the deck.

Ryan dolby 4lb+ perch

Now out of depth range for the cranks and them not moving up onto it we turned back to jigging shads. A few cast with shads seemed to spark their interest but wasnt triggering a bite, so on went the Gunki Boomer with Bullteez trailer

Watching it drop on the live scope and then bringing it back at a moderate pace it was slammed. As I continued to reel it in, the fish dug deep and made a spirited effort to break free. However, I was able to hold my ground and eventually, after a long struggle, I managed to lay the fish in the net. It was a beautiful sight to behold, a proper brute of a fish. 

As I measured it, I thought it could be my first 50cm+ catch, but it came up just short at 49.5cm. Nevertheless, it was still an impressive and stunning fish. I made a mental note to remember to bring my scales next time.

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Ryan Dolby
Ryan Dolby

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