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Review: FFS LURES – Floating Finesse Stick

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  • Value for money
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
4.8/5Overall Score

Born from a passion for finesse lure fishing, FFS Lures creator Tom Moir (A British Army Veteran) has been perfecting hand-made soft plastic lures, here in the UK since 2016.

The name ‘FFS’ is a nod back to the first lure he created, the Floating Finesse Stick which was more affectionately known as the FFS. Since those early days, Tom has painstakingly perfected each and every lure within the FFS range and continues to develop these to this very day. 


In the simplest of terms, it’s a stick bait, anyone who’s ever lure fished for bass or perch will be familiar with these. In terms of it’s visual appearance it doesn’t really look like anything other than a stick!

There are a lot of these types of lures available in the market today, each with its own unique characteristics but for the purposes of this article we’ll delve into and focus on what makes the Floating Finesse Stick unique and how it differs from the masses. 

First of all, we’ll crack on with the air chamber (we mention this a lot), this stick bait has a pocket of air sealed inside the lure that keeps the tail end standing proud and entices predatory fish – even when you’re texting the misses back. 

Tom also set out to make this lure slightly thinner than most of the lure fishing market was offering. This was because a lot of these lures came from the ‘bass scene’ and these are naturally bigger fish than the humble UK perch. The Floating Finesse Stick has an 8mm profile and is noticeably thinner. 

Not only that but the lure is made from a very soft yet tough plastic that allows it to fold easily when it gets bit – aiding in hook-up ratios. 


The Floating Finesse Stick by FFS Lures is perfect for use on the Ned Rig, Cheb Rig and Texas Rig, and even drop shot presentations. It can also be fished on the surface due to its buoyancy. You can fish this lure erratically to trigger a response from a territorial predator or very slowly close to the structure where you know fish to reside.

The air chamber in the lure ensures that the tail end of the lure is always working in the flow which means even if you’re doing very little in terms of movement, the lure will still be wafting in the flow.

ffs lures floating finesse stick pink
FFS Lures Floating Finesse Stick in Pink


I’ll put my hands up and confess right now that I’ve been using the Floating Finesse Stick in my perch angling for almost a year now. The reason I’ve stuck with it is because it catches fish.

ffs lures floating finesse stick 2lb+ perch
An upper 2lb+ perch caught on the Floating Finesse Stick

Predominantly I’ve been using it mostly in winter but this season I’ve tested it during spring and fished right through summer and the thing still works! Honestly, I’d say I’ve had my best season fishing for perch and we’ve not even hit winter yet!

Of course, it’s not just the lure that catches fish, it’s a combination of skill, location and watercraft, but once those boxes are ticked it’s good to know that you have a quality lure to finish the job. 


My favourite thing about the finesse stick is the air chamber – it really does impart added action to the lure that keeps on working even when you’re not. Often times with bites coming on pauses longer than I’d normally stick around for. Where most lures will lay flat on the river bed this one stands proud and it does seem to provoke more bites. 

I’ve used this lure in a variety of colours but most notably in white, pink and Junebug. These colours (I felt) would give me a good profile in both clear and coloured water and at various times of the day. 

ffs lures floating finesse stick pink multiple catch perch
A net containing 3 x 2lb+ and a couple of 1lb+ perch all caught on the Floating Finesse Stick

Since locating a good head of perch I’ve used this lure alongside other lure choices and various rigging methods to keep the catches coming, finding that once you’ve caught a few perch on a given lure, rig or colour they seem to wise up, and more often than not on the next session it just wasn’t as prolific. So having the finesse stick in a variety of colours and sizes did help with various rigging techniques to offer something slightly different each time.


  • 8mm profile (slimmer than most stick bait lures – perfect for UK predators)
  • Comes in 50mm (1g) or 75mm (2.5g)
  • Available in pack sizes of 5, 10 or 20
  • Extremely soft (yet tough) plastic allowing the lure to fold easily when it gets bit
  • No salt content means these lures won’t deteriorate in your tacklebox
  • A large variety of colours available suitable for all conditions


From my time using the Floating Finesse Stick I can hand-on-heart say that it’ll be a lure I ‘stick with’ for all of my perch fishing. I think as I write this article there are about 20 of them dominating my perch tackle box of varying colours and sizes so I hope you can see the confidence I have in this lure. 

As well as catching some lovely perch, I really do think that these unique, made-to-order lures are of the highest quality stick baits I own and at prices you simply cannot argue with. My recommendation (before you buy any other soft plastic stick bait) is to go and take a look at the lures FFS have to offer and make your own mind up once you’ve given them a go. I’m 99% confident in most cases you’ll continue to use them – as I do.

Still not convinced? Hit this link and use the coupon code ‘PREDFISHWORLD’ for a 5% discount on all orders over £15.00! Not only that but you’ll also receive a hand-written personal message from Tom himself and a free sticker – who doesn’t love a sticker?!