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Perch Turbo – Britain’s Fresh Take On Perch Fishing

The “PERCH TURBO”: Britain’s Fresh Take on Perch Fishing! 😍

Introducing the UK Fishing SCENE’s newest addition – the PERCH TURBO at Rutland Water 2024 competition. Tailored specifically for those with a passion for Perch, this friendly contest is set to be a highlight on the British angling calendar.

Why the buzz about PERCH TURBO?

  • Dual Modes of Participation: Whether you fancy the solidarity of individual endeavour or thrive in the collective buzz of a team, there’s an avenue open for you.
  • Tick Tock, the Mystery Clock: Time adds a unique dimension here. Our exclusive time-based scoring system brings a fresh twist to traditional fishing competitions. And, for the top 20 performers? Exciting undisclosed prizes await.
  • A Full Day’s Endeavour: Marked for the 20th of October 2024 at the picturesque Rutland Water, anglers have a generous 8-hour window to exhibit their skills and make their mark.
  • A Lengthy Victory: It’s not just about the number, but the size. Only seven longest Perch will lead you to victory in this competition.

So, dust off your reels, brush up on your tactics, and gather your fellow enthusiasts. The waters of Rutland beckon and the Perch await your challenge. Will you rise to the occasion at the PERCH TURBO challenge?

Fishery Rules Apply.

Entry Fee

Ticket Price is £150 per boat (TEAM OR SOLO)


Rutland Water Fishing Lodge, LE15 8HD

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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