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Perch League 2024

After the success of the ProFishingUK Leagues 2023 the biggest online competition in UK with over 50 participants its time for the ProFishingUK Perch League 2024

We Would like to invite you to a friendly online Perch competition! Everyone is invited. The ProFishingUK Perch League 2024 will be using the FishDonkey application, which will make it easier for everyone to enter and participate.

Date of competition

Starting date: 04.02.2024 12 AM. End date: 15.03.2024

You have to join the competition by 02.02.2024 as 3rd of February registrations will be closed.

Entry Fee

The competition fee is £10.

As soon as your fee is paid you can join the competition in the FishDonkey application. I will contact everyone via Messenger to confirm. All of the resources gathered from the fees will be used for rewards for the winners and application fees.

Participants under 16 are free entry.

The Rules

2. The combined length of 10 Perch will determine the winner in the competition.

3. Fish to be measured with measuring tape with a stopper. From left(head) to right(tail) place the measuring tape on top of a mat ( preferable) in a manner that the fish mouth touches the measure stopper and this is visible. A measuring mat is preferable.

If the fish is not measured with measuring tape with a stopper we have to exclude a few centimeters from the length of the fish after it has been reviewed.

4. The measuring tape must be visible under or above the fish to show that isn’t folded and avoid false measurement.

5. All measurements will be rounded up in favour of the bigger number. (Example Perch 43.2=44 / Perch 35.7=36)

6. The minimum size of the fish is 25 cm.

7. Please download the application FishDonkey from every application store.

8. Fish photos are taken through the app (no imports, no control items needed, this prevents many types of cheating)

Works without internet, so when you catch a fish you can just go to the app and take a picture with the fish.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to enter a fish

And another Tutorial on how to measure a fish.

9. You can fish anywhere in the United Kingdom

10. You must be living in the United Kingdom

11. Winner will be announced on 18.03.2024

12. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and biggest fish of the competition.

13. Spinning fishing and artificial lures are allowed only. No Fly Fishing

14. We will keep the right to change the competition rules anytime if needed.

15. You have to join the competition by 02.02.2024 as 3rd of February registrations will be closed.

16. Bank fishing only. So will be fair for everyone.

App set up quick steps

1. Download the app FishDonkey

2. Create your account

When you are creating your account on your phone number row you have to enter your phone number without 0.

3. When it is all set and the app is loaded

On the top, there are rows of “fish in a tournament”

In the search bar type ProFishingUK and you will see the competition.

Join the competition and I will approve you there!

Every fish 41cm+ caught on ProFishingUK lures will be rewarded from ProFishingUK. You must upload the picture with the lure next to the fish or proof that it’s caught on it at the ProFishingUk page to be rewarded.

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