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Luke Jordan Banks Another Incredible Zed!

At one of Lukes local fishing spots, the water had been running fairly clear before his fishing trip, presenting a problem in catching bigger Zander. In such conditions, the fish tend to feed for a shorter duration, and locating them in the right spot at the right time becomes difficult. 

However, with some rain and the water now being coloured Luke was confident now was the right time to go. It wasn’t long before he was into a good fish and managed to bank a respectable Zander by 10:30 am – caught using the trust Westin Bullteez in 12.5cm.

Luke who was fishing with a friend (Callum Stevenson) promised to help him bank his first ‘good’ zander before the end of the year. Fortunately, he was able to hook a good fish soon after Luke caught his own but it came off. Maybe next time eh!

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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