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Kev Cox (fox rage) lands a giant pike and a new personal best!

Kev Cox (Fox Rage) Lands a Giant Pike and a New Personal Best!

Fox Rage predator fishing consultant Kev Cox lands a huge pike at a whopping 116cm from one of the Anglian Water reservoirs. Understandably with fish of this size, at an estimated 30lb+ (no scales present at the time) the pro angler has kept the specific location quiet.

Kev Cox pike angler
Kex Cox holding a pike which is estimated to be 30lb+ . The new personal best measured 116cm.

Kev, an angler who is no stranger to fishing large expanses of water managed to locate and connect to the huge pike with the aid of a Pro Grub UV Pike 23cm. In his own words, Kev said “The fish was solid, I’d love to meet it again in Spring“, meaning that despite this pike at an already enormous size it potentially has more weight to add.

Kev Cox (fox rage) lands a giant pike and a new personal best!
Pro Grub UV Pike 23cm

If you’d like to learn more about Kev Cox, find out his approach to tackling large expanses of water or take a deeper look at the kit on offer from Fox Rage you can find a lot more content on their YouTube channel.

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