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Inaugural Elite Pro Kayak Fishing Competiton 2023

The River Yare played host to the inaugural Elite Pro Kayak competition this year, which was organized by Marine Power and witnessed an impressive display of skills from the top kayak anglers in the United Kingdom. 

Behind-the-scenes video created by Andy Page at Fenland Fishing TV

The event was a great success, attracting some of the best kayak anglers from across the UK and providing an exciting platform for the competitors to showcase their talents and compete against each other.

Participants could submit as many fish as they liked but the top 5 (length) was what counted to complete their cards, with no restrictions on the size of the fish. The event started early in the morning at 7am, and the kayak anglers tirelessly fished until 1pm, making every effort to locate the bigger specimens to secure a win.

In the table below you can see the top three finishers with their respective scores for the competition. The biggest fish of the day went to Frazer Magee with an impressive 40cm.

PositionNameBiggest fishTotal length
1Mark Radcliffe37cm170cm
2Richard Archer33cm153cm
3Lee Watkins36cm145cm
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