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Harry Waudby Bags Another Pristine Yorkshire Perch!

Harry has an impressive knack for snagging some of the most impressive predators out there, especially when it comes to perch! His Instagram page is a testament to his skills, with a steady stream of photos showcasing one sizeable perch after another. It’s truly a sight to behold and a testament to his angling prowess!

Check out this amazing catch by Harry! He landed a beautiful Perch weighing over 3lbs from a water body in Yorkshire. According to Harry, he was able to snare this beast using a Molix Stick Flex bait, which he fished on a Cheb rig.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

Founder & Chief Editor of Predator Fishing World. Steve has been predator fishing for well over a decade and has amassed a deep knowledge base to share with you.