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Fox Rage Summer Perch League 2024

Smart Angling Group and Fox Rage are thrilled to announce the latest project – an online fishing competition called “Fox Rage Summer Perch League”. Our league-style competitions are designed to promote spending quality time outdoors while having fun.

This is a perfect opportunity for families to go fishing, and juniors under 16 years old can participate for free in the “Fox Rage Summer Perch League”!

The league is open to anyone who wants to test their skills in lure fishing, and it’s not just for the best perch anglers in the UK. Each participant has a chance to win a prize through the “Clock Prize” game. The league will run from June 16, 2024, to July 16, 2024. During this period, each participant will aim to achieve the best score based on their “7 best Perch” (1 CM = 1 PTS). To participate, you need to use the Scores Jungle app, where you can add your caught Perch (minimum size 20 CM). Even if you catch more, the Scores Jungle app will automatically select your 7 biggest Perch and show your current position in the league.

The winner of the “Fox Rage Summer Perch League” will receive a beautiful trophy and prizes from Fox Rage. Prizes will also be awarded for places 2-10 and for the best junior angler! You don’t have to worry about sharing your best spots, as the competition rules allow for GPS location exclusion. You can find all the details in the “Fox Rage Summer Perch League” league rules.

The Smart Angling Group Ltd is the organizer of the competition, and Fox Rage is the title sponsor. The Scores Jungle app powers the competition.

Tickets can be purchased here

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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