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Fin Perfect Zander in Murky Conditions!

Kev Cox has managed to bag a magnificent Zander from a canal that had murky, discoloured water to kick off 2024. Despite the recent heavy rain and flooding that had further clouded the already opaque water, the Zander fell for Kev’s lure. 

Kev Cox with a lure-caught Zander in murky conditions

It’s quite impressive to think about how these fish are able to locate the lures in such conditions, but they seem to have no problem in doing so and paired with remarkable predatory senses the smallest vibration or movement of water can be all it takes for a bite to happen. Well done to Kev for landing this beauty!

Kev attributed his success on the day to the effectiveness of the Fox Rage Pro Shad lure. He said that the lure’s vibration during retrieval played a significant role in attracting fish.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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