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Explosive Takes from Chub on Lures for Daniel Chappell Bouskila

Daniel Chappell Bouskila (Happy Fishing Times) has been having some fantastic sport managing to tempt these two awesome chub on lures. Daniel was out on the bank with friend Nick revisiting a stretch of river they’d not long ago visited. 

Putting a large and brightly coloured nimble to good use, Daniel bumped the lure along the bottom on a slow retrieve when he had an explosive bite. In his own words, Daniel said “…one of the takes was absolutely savage, taking the lure on the drop before it even had a chance to touch down”.

Amongst the chub Daniel and Nick also had many perch and pike between them. With light fading fast they called it a day, ending what sounds like a great days fishing to us!

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

Founder & Chief Editor of Predator Fishing World. Steve has been predator fishing for well over a decade and has amassed a deep knowledge base to share with you.