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Epic Christmas 2023 Advent Calendars for Lure Anglers

The festive season is fast approaching and what could be more exciting than waking up on Christmas day and finding presents waiting under the tree?

Well, one thing that could be even better is receiving gifts before the big day itself! It’s always a joy to receive presents early, and it builds up the anticipation and excitement for the main event.

Advent calendars have been a popular Christmas tradition for many years, serving as a fun and exciting way to count down the days until the holiday. These calendars typically come in the form of a physical calendar with small doors or compartments that are opened each day to reveal a surprise. 

While chocolate is a common treat found behind the doors, there are many other types of calendars available today. Some feature tiny toys or trinkets, while others offer daily activities or quotes to enjoy. Advent calendars can be a great way to bring some festive cheer into your home or office during the holiday season.

It’s not surprising to find advent calendars have made their way into the world of fishing. As predator anglers, we understand why they’ve become a hit. These calendars are perfectly sized to place small tackle items or lures. What better way to grow your lure collection than by counting down the days till Christmas?

We’ve compiled a list below of what we think are some of the better Advent calendars for lure anglers in Chrismas 2023.

1. Westin Predator Advent Calendar 2023 – £85.75

The Predator Advent Calendar for Christmas comes complete with 24 days of exceptional Westin lures. The calendar features a unique selection of custom colours, exclusively designed by experts to captivate, surprise, and catch more fish. It’s the ideal gift for avid predator anglers and a must-have for their tackle box.

2. Ilex Advent Calendar 2023 – £169.99

The Illex Advent Calendar 2023 is jam-packed with top-quality lures from Illex, guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face every morning throughout December. The contents of the calendar are a total surprise, but we can assure you that they are worth over £300.00 if bought separately.

3. Gunki Advent Calendar 2023 – £99.99

The Gunki Advent Calendar for 2023 is an amazing gift for any fishing enthusiast. Packed with the finest Gunki lures, it is sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient every morning in December. Although the contents are kept a surprise, we can assure you that it includes items worth over £165.00 if purchased separately.

4. Angling Direct Lure & Predator Advent Calendar 2023 – £24.99

Get in the holiday spirit with the Angling Direct Fishing Lure & Predator Advent Calendar. This unique calendar is designed to bring joy to devoted anglers by providing carefully selected items that add value to their gear. Every day reveals a new surprise behind one of the 24 doors, containing lures and essential predator tackle to enhance your angling experience.

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