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Enter the UK Lure Series Yearly League 2024/25

As the month of June approaches, angling enthusiasts across the UK are buzzing with anticipation for the open season on rivers, drains, and waterways. This summer also heralds the launch of the UK Lure Series Yearly League for 2024/25! 

This eagerly awaited competition offers lure anglers a golden opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious trophy and fantastic prizes from top tackle manufacturers. Get ready to cast your lines and join the excitement as the race for lure-angling glory begins!

What Is the UK Lure Series Yearly League?

This dynamic competition invites lure anglers of all skill levels to challenge each other across the stunning waterscapes of the UK. Whether you’re casting your line into serene lakes, vast reservoirs, winding rivers, babbling streams, or historic canals, you’ll be pitting your skills against fellow competitors in the quest for the biggest and most impressive predatory fish.

Hunt down formidable Pike, elusive Zander, tenacious Chub, and feisty Perch as you strive to catch the largest specimens. But that’s not all—your total score will also reflect the combined length of all the species you reel in. You have a full year to prove your prowess, with only the best of each category counting towards your final tally.

Where Can I Fish during the UK Lure Series Yearly League?

In the UK, anglers are free to fish in any water system that permits it, whether it’s a river, lake, canal, drain, or reservoir. However, it is essential to follow all local and national bylaws governing fishing activities. 

This is what makes the UK Lure Series League so exciting – it empowers every angler to compete from their favourite fishing spots. Whether you prefer the tranquillity of a secluded lake or the challenge of a fast-flowing river, you can join the competition from the waters you love best.

Are There Any Rules?

Absolutely! The competition rules are meticulously crafted to ensure a level playing field for all participating anglers. Here’s what you need to know to dive into the action:

  1. Capture the Moment: Each angler must prominently display their competition card in every photo of their catches. 
  2. Measure Up: Precision is key! All fish must be measured on a flat surface using an official competition measure using centimetres – we recommend Spro Freestyle, Gunki, Westin, Shimano tournament measures. This ensures consistency and fairness across the board.
  3. Go Solo: This is your time to shine as an individual. Anglers must fish solo – no teams allowed. It’s all about your skill and strategy.
  4. Lure Only: Embrace the challenge! All fish must be caught using a lure. This rule levels the playing field and highlights true angling prowess.

Ready to dive deeper? For the full list of rules and to ensure you’re fully prepped for the competition, click here.

Who has Previously Won the UK Lure Series Yearly League?

For the past three years, Andy Page has dominated the UK Lure Series with phenomenal measurements and unmatched skill. But this year, he has decided not to enter, throwing the competition wide open! 

Now, the stage is set for new contenders to rise and claim their moment of glory. With Andy out of the running, every angler has a realistic shot at greatness, making this year’s competition more thrilling than ever. It’s anyone’s game!

What Are the Prizes for Winning the UK Lure Series Yearly League?

Finishing at the top of the league isn’t just about bragging rights – the overall Yearly League winner will net an impressive £1000.00 in cash as well as some great tackle prizes from brands such as Spro Freestyle, Z-Man, Headbanger Lures, LMAB, Molix, Savage Gear, St Croix Rods & Favorite Fishing.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Prizes await the anglers who land the longest fish in each category, whether it’s a monster Perch, a hefty Pike, a colossal Chub, or a formidable Zander. In the rare event of a tie at the end of the yearly league, the angler who submitted their catches to the UK Lure Series first will claim the coveted title of overall winner!

How Can I Enter?

Entering this exciting competition is a breeze! Simply visit the UK Lure Series website and click on the ‘Book Now’ button. You’ll be guided through the payment process, and once completed, you’ll receive your competition card, setting you up for action!

Mark your calendars—UK Lure Series Yearly League 2024/25 kicks off at 00:01 on May 31, 2024, and runs until 23:59 on March 31, 2025. 

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