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Crankbait Snares 4lb 14oz Grafham Perch For Jamie Cartwright

As he embarked on his fishing trip to Grafham Water, Northamptonshire angler Jamie Cartwright was hopeful of a good day of predator fishing. 

After having caught fish of 3lb 15oz and 3lb 11oz on jigs early in the day, he was eager to try his luck with a crankbait. Despite several attempts with different retrieval speeds, he failed to get any bites for a while. 

Jamie Cartwright with a crankbait caught Grafham Water Perch

However, he refused to give up and persisted with the method. Finally, his patience paid off when he felt a strong tug on his line. Unfortunately, the fish came off within seconds. Undeterred, he cast his line in the same spot again and waited with bated breath. Suddenly, he felt a thumping bite, and this time, it did not come off. 

The fish put up a fierce fight under the boat, but Jamie’s perseverance paid off when he finally reeled in a magnificent 4lb 14oz perch from the depths of the water.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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