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Ben Humber Lands Two Incredible Trout on a Deadbait!

It is a rare occurrence to hear of a successful Trout catch while targeting Pike using dead baits. However, Fox Rage and Salmo Fishing Consultant, Ben Humber, has achieved this feat by landing two remarkable Trout.

During Ben’s pike fishing trip, he discovered that his Mackerel dead bait was a hit with the Trout. He was delighted to see both fish being safely netted and returned to the water, where they swam off energetically.

This goes to show, that when targeting predators, you can never be certain what’s interested in your bait. It’s a great result and has made our day.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

Founder & Chief Editor of Predator Fishing World. Steve has been predator fishing for well over a decade and has amassed a deep knowledge base to share with you.