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Huge river thames perch caught by adam melton at 5lb 11oz

Another Huge River Thames Perch caught!

Less than a month ago, we shared a story about a gargantuan 5lb 11oz perch that was reeled in from the River Thames by a young angler named George Lovell. 

Now, we have yet another colossal catch from the same river, this time by Hampshire native Adam Melton. Using a Z-Man lure on a Ned Rig to lure his prey, Adam arrived at the river around 7am and began fishing in his chosen spot. 

However, after receiving no bites, he decided to relocate to a swim by an inlet. After casting his line, Adam waited patiently for any sign of movement. It wasn’t until he felt a pull and thought he had caught his lure on a snag right by his feet that he realized he had hooked something extraordinary. 

The mysterious catch began to shake its head, and Adam knew he was in for a challenge. The fish lunged for a patch of weed, but with some quick thinking and manoeuvring, Adam was able to free it from its entrapment. To Adam’s astonishment, when he weighed his catch, the needle settled at an impressive 5lb 11oz. The length of the fish, measuring 51.5cm was also remarkable.

The fact both of these perch were caught at what most perch anglers would describe as ‘summer weights’ could well mean The River Thames certainly looks on track to produce a potential British record perch this winter. It’s an exciting time for perch fishing right now!

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