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Adam Jones Gears Up for His Winter Campaign

Have a look at this magnificent specimen of a perch caught by the talented angler @londonperchfinder.

Adam, who is widely recognised for his remarkable fishing skills and has successfully caught a wide range of impressive fish species, is patiently waiting to embark on his main winter fishing campaign. 

In his own words “…There are so many moments in fishing that make me thankful I’m an angler but none get me more mushy than standing in the golden fallen leaves on the edge of a river bank with my rod hooped over into a big old angry perch whilst it shakes its head as it slides over the net frame. It’s just a moment in time that doesn’t get old for me. These fish truly are the biggest fish of all, they fill a space I don’t think I can replace with another species and I can’t put my finger on exactly why…”

Adam’s profile is a testimony to his expertise in landing big perch, demonstrating his knowledge of the species and his commitment to the sport. As the temperature drops, we are eager to see what Adam will achieve during the winter months, and we’ll be following his journey closely.

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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