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A Pristine Perch from a Flooded River for Rob!

Whilst recently fishing a flooded river, Rob from @TheTwinsGoFishing was able to come across this stunning 40+ cm Perch. The fish was found using the cover from the bankside and a nearby slack to shelter. 

After missing the first strike with a Craft Shad, Rob then switched to a Savage Gear Ned Dragon Tail throwing it into the zone which was rapidly grabbed on the drop.

This brilliant capture demonstrates that having two rods with two different setups ready to go during your visits to the river can quickly pay off – especially when targeting fish that are beginning to shoal up. Well done mate!

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

Founder & Chief Editor of Predator Fishing World. Steve has been predator fishing for well over a decade and has amassed a deep knowledge base to share with you.