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Ally Galbraith with a big fenland perch

A Fenland 3lb+ Perch for Ally Galbraith

Ally is no stranger to the art of locating and hauling big fenland perch, and he has recently resumed his passion for fishing after taking a fair amount of time away from the predators.

Despite juggling the demands of planning a house move and his own wedding, Ally has managed to make the most of any opportunity to snatch a few hours and put his lures to good work. 

During one of his recent fishing sessions, he managed to catch the first ‘proper’ perch of the season. The 3lb+ / 42.5cm perch was lured by a 7.5cm Fox Rage Zander Pro lure, which proved to be highly effective in attracting the catch. This achievement marks a triumphant return for Ally, who is sure to continue his pursuit of big fenland perch in the near future.

Congrats on the wedding and also the perch!

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Steve Evans
Steve Evans

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